Carlos Danger Rides Again

He's coming for ya / He's gonna get ya / Attack from the wiener guy / -Mm-m-Mm-M-M-M-M-M / (You cannot scream whenever your mouth is full) - From -Attack from the Wiener Guy- by Here Come the Mummies. (BTW do your favor lookup the Mummies site and provide the song a listen. LMAO!)

There is this person, Anthony Weiner, from Brooklyn who married certainly one of Hillary Clinton's nearest buddies, Huma Abedin. Huma would be a personal aide to Hillary for a long time. Point in fact, Bill Clinton facilitated at Anthony's and Huma's interfaith wedding This summer 2010. A couple of Weiner's longtime pals are comic news commentator, Jon Stewart and actor, Film Clip, yet I've not seen Stewart-the very first guy to poker fun at politicians, particularly if they are conservative-cracking jokes on CNN at Weiner's expense. I am talking about, c'mon, it's all too easy! Discuss hanging curve balls just pleading to become hit from the park- Good examples: 1) Rather than shedding from the race for mayor of recent You are able to City, Weiner has vowed to stay-it-out (rim shot) 2) Weiner intends to remain in (rim shot) 3) Weiner gives new intending to the word spam (rim shot) and 4) Weiner's getting a difficult time (bar-rump-bump). I possibly could continue-and-on, but in order to save the discomfort of this experience I'll take out.

You will find individuals who say Weiner should quit the New york city mayoral race, and resign from politics. I disagree. Where's the empathy? Poor people misinterpreted guy is all about as welcome like a shark in a go swimming meet among his fellow Dems, including his campaign manager who travelled the coop. View it by doing this: Weiner has exactly the kind of sleazy background resume prevalent of numerous of present day political figures from each side from the aisle. Hell, inappropriate behavior is virtually a prerequisite for chosen office. So he loves to send pictures, but maybe it was his junk or his nose? It's difficult to inform. (Should you often see my nose you'd say I have got a bit of nerve. Hey, anything for any joke.) It isn't like someone was wiped out. He did not drive away a bridge with a few twenty-2 year old girl in the vehicle. If (then senators) Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy could take part in a -waitress sandwich-, why can't Weiner be honored for photo taking art? Oh, and also to top this comic opera, our chosen authorities need to be known to as -honorable-. How much of an oxymoron. Try not to you just need to love the irony?

I did previously focus on free airline coast with Howard Weiner, also from Brooklyn, and that i had exactly the same question for him which i have for Anthony Weiner. So why do you pronounce your title ween-er rather than wine-er such as the Germanic title indicates? (When you will find two consecutive vowels, only the second reason is pronounced.) It appears there'd be less chance for humor, however again, where's the enjoyment for the reason that? Nevertheless, Weiner's sexting alias of Carlos Danger is fairly awesome.

But, Anthony baby, what is the worse factor that may happen? You heard right, you will have your own television talk display on CNN much like your friend the honorable (snicker) Eliot Spitzer or on MSNBC such as the cartoonish Reverend (exactly what a laugh) Al Sharpton. And also the chicks search a man together with his own show. If you do not trust me take a look at Al's new youthful squeeze.

Even better you can drive Oscar Mayer's Wienermobile. (Which are usually on my small personal bucket list.)

I'm able to hear the theme song now, -He's coming for ya / He's gonna get ya--

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